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MAR 2019

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86 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 WE "I remember my shoelaces getting caught on the escalator at Sears, which was on Ninth and Broadway. It wasn't until later in life, when I was talking to my grandfather and some of his friends, that I would understand some of the things that he would do. He used to always order his shoes from books. I always wondered about that. He would never really go to shoe stores and pick them out. He would order them from these little catalogs that he used to get. I thought it was because he needed special barbering shoes. Come to find out, when my dad was younger, at that time, department stores on Fourth Street wouldn't let black folks try on shoes or clothes. at made my grandfather furious. He decided not to patronize those places and would order his stuff from catalogs. "I call this neighborhood the bricks. I like the urban feel. I always loved the urban feel. I like having the ability just to walk to places. I like the density and the older homes. When I go to places like Chicago and Baltimore, I like that urban feeling. One good thing about these older homes is the way they are made. ey are infinitely repairable. It just takes the elbow grease and the resources. You can get some of these houses for $5,000 to $10,000 and take out a mortgage for $150,000 and you'll have just as nice of a home as in Old Louisville and you'll do more with it. You'll have your granite countertops and your stainless-steel appliances. You would have a home that if you could pick it up and move it NuLu, you would have a $600,000 crib. e biggest thing is getting people who care about the neighborhood to move back into the neighborhood and take that leap of faith. Now, a lot of people don't want to because there's not a lot in Russell. But you can't get the services without the people. Specifically, you can't get the services without the income. It's like the chicken and the egg. What comes first? "You know, Louisville has a grant right now and they're using that (to redevelop) Beecher Terrace. Louisville also has a grant that seeks to revitalize Russell Haven, Russell

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