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MAR 2019

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84 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 WE "I grew up in the Shawnee neighborhood, off 35th and Market. Now I live on 16th and Algonquin. My early memories consist of Jewel Park (now E. Leland Taylor Park), Fontaine Ferry, Shawnee Park, free lunches at the park. We used to have a big thing in Shawnee Park during the summertime. ere was so much. Now, everything is different. e YMCA (that closed in the '80s) is not on Market Street no more. ere used to be basketball games and cheerleading down there. I remember the church buses used to come down to the neighborhood and pick the kids up. Just the other day, I was telling (Andria, pictured) and her friend that I remembered when MSD would come through and clean the sewers. ey would stop at every sewer and clean the trash out. ey don't do that no more. ey talk about beautification and I'm like, 'OK, well, fix our streets. Fix our sidewalks.' I remember the article from the Urban League encouraging black homeowners not to sell their homes. I tell a lot of people to not sell their homes, but a lot of them live in high-crime areas and want to get out. "I tell my kids, 'When you hear bullets, don't run. Hit the ground and crawl on your hands and knees, like you're in the army. So what if you get scarred up — you'll still be here.' You gotta have your faith in God and know that he's got your back when in these streets. "You got the YMCA coming and that's promoting better health for us. ey're providing these programs. We really need the programs because we got a lot of mental illness out here in our community and we need someone to get out here and help these people. "We want to get out and venture, but we want to have the best in our area, too. Like I said, I love the West End; the West End is beautiful. I just wish our people would do better." Felicia, Russell (pictured with Andria, left)

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