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MAR 2019

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komenkentucky.org 58 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 going to bring her magic with the full potency of her soul." "I kind of go overboard," Hill says. is is how she dresses for a walk in the woods: black jacket over a Cubs shirt; black gloves that expose only the top knuckles; wide-billed hat covering her braided hair. She mentions how she once got a sunburn at the Sundance eatre Program. "We went up a ski lift, and I had bare skin (near my wrists)," she says. "Just from that little five-minute ride, there was a bright red ring around both my arms." It's a balmy 50 degrees in early January, and she ventures across the backyard to a nearly 10-acre swath of undeveloped woods stretching from her house and across Utica Pike to the Ohio River. "I can't believe this is mine," she says. She bought the land a couple years ago, matching a developer's offer. "Just to think what they would have done," she says. "ere wouldn't be a twig left." Crunching through leaves, Hill shows off a mask tacked to a tree trunk. It has a grinning red face and feathers for hair. "Nice, right?" she says. "I think he's going to make an appearance in a music video." e forest has always been there, right next door. Traipsing through the trees is as much a part of her childhood as the tall stalks of Silver Queen corn that grew in her backyard garden, or the downstairs den. "I want the TV to be where it always was, where Dad and I would watch old movies," she says. "at's nonnegotiable." Hill still imagines spending plenty of time in New York. "I'd like to have enough gigs down here that I can just fly back to New York when I have a big gig," she says. For now, she mostly drives the 12-plus hours, one way, between here and New York. "If I get a call for something in Louisville and I don't have anything that weekend, I say yes," Hill says. "I'm so excited and determined in moving here. I'm kind of losing money to do some of (the gigs), but I will fly back to do one, just to get the ball roll- ing." Her mom has moved to Louisville and her sister has moved out of the house in Queens, which is where Hill kept a studio. Hill doesn't have recording plans in the works but says she already has enough material for another album of

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