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marchforbabies.org 56 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 being a Christmas album. Unlike Girl In- ventor, which featured a full backing band, these albums are more harp-dependent, the plucked strings clear and standing alone on some tracks, or above a soft drum beat on others. Today's plan was to make a video for Hill's version of the Alicia Keys song "Fallin'," complete with falling fall leaves. But the trees are already naked, so plan B: "Hallelujah." e twin spotlights and Hill's bright red lipstick make her teeth look ultra-white, radiant as a toothpaste model. She taps her black, toeless heels to the beat. After only a couple hours, the soles are inexplicably falling away from the shoes, creating flapping alligator mouths that, in turn, keep her from tapping. She's wearing a floor-length black dress embla- zoned with bright red roses, a full face of makeup and a $3,000 wig color-matched to her real hair. Hill says the wig saves her the hassle of styling her oily locks. Plus, as someone who suffers from insomnia (from worrying, from asking herself silly questions like: Would I rather be chased by a mummy or the Wolf Man?), she likes to sleep in and style the wig beforehand. "You don't have to add all that extra time before you start shooting," she says. Even though this is the fourth or fifth time I've met her, I don't notice or see the hairline fracture along her scalp until she tells me — and even then I have to search for it. During a break, Hill fills a small bowl with ground turkey, lima beans and oats for MacLeod. e kitchen table holds the haphazard remnants of her makeup appli- cation — tubes of lipstick and mascara, an unfolded towel dusted with powder. ey film the opening shot over and over and over. Nearly 40 minutes pass before they're to the point of "getting one for safety." Missy pans from a sleeping Ma- cLeod to Hill's shoes and up the path of roses on the dress, before landing on Hill's plucking fingers and face for the song's opening eight measures. (I am in charge of pressing play and loudly counting out the beats, so the camera sweep finishes at the exact right moment. "I'm so glad you are musical," Hill says to me.) At 6 p.m., three hours in, I have to leave. ough they both seem to be rushing to preserve the sunlight — and though much of the footage seems simple, with just Hill and her harp — they don't wrap until 1 a.m. Coming May 2019 for more info, email advertising@loumag.com or call 625-0100

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