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MAR 2019

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derbydinner.com 46 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 Finborough eatre in February 2018 to critical acclaim. Wallace and Khalidi also co- edited the book Inside/Outside: Six Plays From Palestine and the Diaspora, released in 2015. After reading Antoon's e Corpse Washer, the playwrights sought a commission by sending proposals to 20 theaters, including a few in New York. Actors eatre was the only one to show interest. "It's really valuable for a festival of new American plays to sometimes venture outside our borders to other parts of the world, particularly to a land where America's impact has been so profoundly devastating," says Amy Wegener, literary director at Actors. "We aim to gather a diversity of voices and perspectives, so transporting audiences into the story of an Iraqi civilian whose life is upended by war felt like such an important opportunity to understand that experience." e writing collaboration has been ongoing for two and a half years. Wallace lives for most of the year in Skipton, in northern England, and Khalidi currently resides in Chile. ey met in France and other "elsewheres" for some of the writing, and they sent scenes back and forth by email, with the understanding that edits of one by the other would be accepted without challenge. "We had a very easy agreement that you could change anything you wanted of the other person's work without asking them," Wallace says. "If they saw it, they could say, 'Hey, wait a minute.' But unless you could legitimize it, we were very hands-off. It became quite fluid as we kept going over it. Even in rehearsal we joke with one another: We cannot remember who wrote that line." Prior to the 11 a.m. rehearsal, Khalidi sits beside Wallace in a small conference room for an interview. He wears a long-sleeve purple T-shirt with a multi-colored keffiyeh wrapped around his neck. e stubble of his short beard nearly matches the sprouting growth on his head. He lowers his gaze as he forms his thoughts. e questions on the table are: Wallace and Khalidi invite us to become intimately acquainted with people we have perhaps previously caricatured, even demonized.

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