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MAR 2019

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 39 Don Hussey typically arrives first. Just before three in the afternoon on Wednesdays, he'll walk into Diamond Pub and Billiards in St. Matthews, slide his black pool cue case from his shoulder and head to the bar for a set of billiards balls. On this recent Wednes- day, the afternoon bartender is expecting him, knows full well the others will follow. e bartender has kept their preferred pool table reserved, just as he does every week. A BIT DEEPER Four Dons and a Dave Billiards day is Wednesday, and it never gets old. By Anne Marshall Photos by Mickie Winters enjoy gentle ribbings, each jab carrying the wattage of a firefly. Out in the parking lot, Don Robinson parks his 1999 Ford Taurus, reaches for his cane and heads inside, his brown leather shoes shuffling along, slow but steady. Hab- ig and Hussey spot him walking in. "Here he comes!" Habig announces. "He's our star," Hussey chimes in, grabbing him a chair. Robinson doesn't sit, instead setting his pageboy cap and fleece zip-up on the seat. He swaps his cane for a pool cue and is ready to go, knowing he's only got about an hour. It's not that he's short on time. It's that he's 103, the oldest Don, and tires easily. Barely a hunch to his spine, Robinson's mouth often curves upward into a smile. He wears 103 like it's 75 or 80. Even with deep folds at his cheeks and white wisps for hair, there's a boyish fullness to his face, a remnant of the kid born in 1915 in upstate New York. e baby of the group, 78-year-old Don Filmer, slips in, quiet and unassuming. at Other Guy, 79-year-old Dave Vislisel, will From left: Don Hussey, Don Robinson and Don Filmer. He doesn't know their last names. But the full lineup by first name? at's easy: Don, Don, Don, Don and Dave, aka the Four Dons and a Dave, aka (in jest) the Four Dons and at Other Guy. Dressed in a burnt-orange sweater and khakis, Hussey, who has a trim mustache and a head of silvery-white hair that's full at the sides and scribbly on top, looks and moves far younger than his 82 years. (I'll soon learn that's a theme in this group.) Hussey snaps his cue together. "I'm more into pool than they are," he says. "I'm the only one that got my own sticks. ey all use house sticks." In walks a tall, fit man in flannel and jeans, his hair and mustache as bright and white as a sun-speckled ski slope. "ere's another one," Hussey says. "Another Don?" I ask. "Yes," Hussey says. is Don, Don Habig, is an 86-year-old whom Hussey has known for "umpteen years." "I'm not the oldest one," Habig says with a smile. "You just look like it," Hussey jokes. e Four Dons and a Dave

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