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THE OVERVIEW Chilakiles 5600 National Turnpike The party: Suki Anderson, art director Jenny Kiefer, associate writer Josh Moss, editor Mickie Winters, photographer The meal: Chilakiles suizos (corn chips, with eggs, jalapeño tomatillo sauce, queso fresco…) Steak omelet Strawberry cream keki (pancakes) Torta Cubana Breakfast tacos Roasted vegetables "There's a lot of Mexican places up and down this road, but this is a different level." — customer who ordered chicken enchiladas "When we were driving out here, I was expecting like a Señor Iguanas menu with a bunch of pictures. This is a much more thoughtful, artistic take on Mexican breakfast. Like Con Huevos. What a hidden gem." — JM "This is a hell of a breakfast." — MW "The pancakes aren't too sweet. Breakfast dessert." — SA "The pancakes are not soggy even though they've been sitting there the whole time soaking up the leche sauce." — JK "I don't want to trigger any readers by using the word moist…" — JM "Why do people hate moist?! I don't understand. It's a wonderful word." — SA "The breakfast taco is dry. I couldn't taste anything besides egg." — JK "I wouldn't waste belly space on those." — SA "The Cubano, so it's got an egg, chorizo, pork, and ham. It's got some spice to it." — JM "So flavorful. And the perfect amount of bread." — MW "Go for the runny eggs. There's a sweet- spiciness in the suizos." — JK "I appreciate this crunchy, homemade-fried-chip situation. They killed it with these chips." — MW "The suizos are a little tangy. I like some tang with my eggs." — SA "After a while, the chips get a little — not soggy, but soft. But they maintain their crispiness somehow." — JM "They shape-shift." — MW "I love how my fork is resting on a little tile." — JM "Keeps the silverware off the table." — SA "So thoughtful." — MW

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