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thegrand-sl.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 2.19 21 THE BIT Thomas has amassed until it's time to settle a divorce. "They'll let them know: 'We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I have the video,'" Thomas says. "Is it blackmail? Is it extortion? It's not my divorce." Thomas knows his work can shatter families. But, he says, "I never feel bad about catching a liar or a cheater." They're mostly a bunch of "narcissists," he says. The work never gets boring, and is way better than his original life plan — a career as an architect, inspired by The Brady Bunch. "Did you watch that show? Mike Brady: beautiful wife, eight kids" (note: either Thomas misspoke here or he has found two illegitimate Bradys) "maid, great house, cool car and never goes to work? That's my job." Wait, motorcycle gangs sat around watching The Brady Bunch? Thomas clarifies that his mom worked as a paralegal and his dad was in a band beloved by the Louisville Outlaws motorcycle gang. His most memorable case involved a sweet lady, a Christian woman "getting up in age." Her husband of 30-plus years accidentally sent a hotel confir- mation to her email address instead of his. The woman's son, a police officer, tapped Thomas for assistance. A few hours later, there was Thomas, crouched outside a motel with his cam- corder, videotaping multiple people entering the man's room for a raucous card game or dance party or, probably, something way, way, way adult and, uh, grunty. Thomas also found a Craigslist ad for this gathering. Before the clock struck midnight, he had piled evidence into a Dropbox. He says the woman called him a few days later. Thomas ex- pected sorrow in her voice; instead, he says, she seemed peaceful, maybe even happy. "She said, 'Mr. Thomas, do you know what the angels are?' I said, 'No.' She said, 'The angels were warriors, male warriors. You probably saved my life. You were sent to save me, and I wanted to thank you.'" — Anne Marshall FLASHBACK February 1991 On the cover: Louisville First Lady Madeline Abramson Inside: Mayor Jerry Abramson, who entered office as a bachelor in 1986, had recently married Madeline, an upbeat paralegal who grew up in an Irish Catholic family in the Beechmont neighborhood. In one image, Madeline posed in a 1988 postcard promoting Louisville Magazine. In another, she was pictured with her mother, who battled various forms of cancer for 20 years. Though she compared herself and her husband to the National Lampoon Griswolds (of Vacation fame), she admitted that the position did come with its serious challenges, such as the expansion of the Louisville airport and its affect on certain neighborhoods. "You, the spouse, are not elected to the office, and yet you come into contact on a daily basis with people who expect you to be up to speed on all the issues affecting the community," she said. Of her husband, she said that he believed he had an obligation to finish his sec- ond term rather than run for governor when the opportunity arose in 1991. "Mayor for life" Abramson would go on to serve until 1999, and was re-elected again post city-county merger in 2002, preceding Mayor Greg Fischer. Outside: February 1991 Courier- Journal headlines: "Judge overturns LG&E rate accord"; "Here are the 369 nominees for the 1991 Triple Crown races"; "Is your Audubon worth having appraised? Look for clues"; "Shelter officials concerned about sharp jump in number of visitors"; "Despite opposition, aldermen ready to make seat-belt use the law."

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