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kyselectproperties.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 2.19 11 Illustration by Shae Goodlett delinquents decided to break into a hall one night. I think someone climbed up to a balcony and let the rest of us in. We found our way to a grand piano in an empty auditorium, and someone pointed out that my best-friend-to-be and I both knew how to play this terrible emo-hardcore song on piano. We took turns at it while the others danced around, singing along and smoking cigarettes, which they hastily snuffed into the stage when the light from a security guard's flashlight preceded him into the room. He kicked us out into a new friendship. Dylon Jones Staff writer I met Tristan more than a decade ago on New Year's Eve. A high school friend invited him to our small party, and I was less than enthused because it meant one more person would be sharing the single bottle of Smirn- off we'd spent weeks convincing a friend's older brother to buy for us. Now I'd gladly share a bottle of Smirnoff with Tristan any day! Katie Molck Contributing writer We were both Catholic altar boys and he was a surreptitious cutup during services. Made the whole tedious business a delight. He was the smallest kid in my fifth-grade class, but, boy, what a master of biting remarks. Taught me a lot about laughing yourself into tears. Jack Welch Copy editor On the first day of sixth grade, a classmate needed to turn some forms into the office. Our math teacher asked me to show him how to get there, and we walked in silence on opposite sides of the hallway, our shoul- ders practically rubbing against the maroon lockers. Then I noticed his T-shirt. Michael Jordan was a Chicago Bull again after trying to make it as a baseball player, and the back of his shirt was the back of Jordan in a No. 45 jersey, with the words "Jordan's Back." "Nice shirt," I said. Fifteen years later, he got ordained online and officiated my wedding. Josh Moss Editor I met my best friend, Ali Lone, in sev- enth grade. I remember we both had this bright-orange T-shirt that said "To save time, let's just assume I know everything," and we would coincidentally wear it on the same day. It was a bit awkward, especially because it happened more than once. It got to the point where we had to make sure the other one wasn't going to wear it. Now our daugh- ters are best friends. Lindsay Flint Advertising production coordinator Continued on next page

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