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kentuckytotheworld.org 86 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.19 You ran for the Kentucky House in 1975. "I loved it. e alderman ran against me. Gerta Bendl, very effective candidate, and I had supported her and I got in not knowing that she was gonna (run). If I had known she was gonna do that I would not have run. It was a close race. And I had worked so hard. I threw myself into that thing. For three months. It was the 34th legislative district over by Atherton. Very rich district, Democratic-wise. I walked every single damn day. I was smaller than I am now when I was finished; I lost so much weight from walking. I met wonderful people. I met people who worked in my basement addressing envelopes and doing all that shit work who, because of my civil rights history, were just always there for me. I still bump into some of them all these years lat- er. I was walking over near Highland junior high and hit a right-to-life house that was having a Mother's Day picnic in the back- yard. When they saw me they knew about me because I was pro-choice, and the guy who answered the door goes and gets them all and they all come out and they wanted SUZY POST Continued from page 51 me to watch a film. I was there 35 minutes. I didn't watch the damn film. It was awful. But I met some wonderful people. Let me show you some of the literature." (Post heads upstairs to pull pamphlets and political buttons from a dresser drawer, along the way pointing out family photos on the walls.) "is is my favorite son. He is a lawyer in California. He is so funny." You have a favorite? "Yes. You do. And it's very interesting. e way you get favorites is when my kids were nursed — and it's hard to get a baby to take to the breast. He lunged at me. What a compliment! I mean, that's such a fuckin' compliment! My hands used to sweat, thinking, I'm gonna have a hard time. You have to pull your nipple way out. I mean, it's really — they have nipple guards that you can use. And breastfeeding is very good for women, so I was very committed to the idea, but god, getting started. Not with him. I mean, it was such a compliment. I got great kids. It's just plain dumb luck. And my

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