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JAN 2019

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.19 49 a staff person for the Louisville Urban League at the time that Anne was out there fomenting rebellion. She was very dour. Any white person who wasn't working for social justice, she wanted to make feel guilty. She was very Chris- tian in her approach to it. I mean, she thought if you weren't working actively for social justice for people of color, you were against it. She took a very it's-all- black-or-it's-all-white point of view, and she had no sense of humor. None. And Jews have the best sense of humor, next to the Irish, you can imagine." Tell me more about your childhood. "We lived over in Strathmoor Village, Byron Avenue by Bowman Field. Grew up there. It was the country, practically, and my mother had twins right after me, and so she found somebody who would come in for a few hours every day, African-American woman — black, in those days; African-American was not in. And I remember sitting on the ground in the front yard when a black woman across the street walked up the stairs to the house directly opposite mine and went into the house. I went to my mother and I said, 'Mom, there's a n***** that went into the' — and my mother grabbed me by the back of my neck in this kitchen, which wasn't huge, dragged me over to the kitchen sink and washed my mouth out with Lifebuoy soap. Never used that word again. I was about seven or eight. e woman who was helping her take care of the twins, I'm sure she used (that word) because Mother and Dad didn't use it. I use it now if I'm just telling a story. I can't even tell a story about it without getting a bad taste in my mouth. Lifebuoy soap in your mouth is terrible. You probably don't

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