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kosaircircus.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.19 33 Crescent Hill staple and originator of the calendar, sitting in a corner at Vint in vin- tage-looking flannel and distressed pants befitting a carpenter, which he is. His hair is wispy white, and his quick eyes catch me through his big glasses. When I ask him how to spell his name, he jokes: "It's 'coyote' without the second 'o.' Nothing separates me from a wild dog." So, about the calendar. Uh, why? "It never made sense to me," he says. "Thirty days in September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except for February, which has 28, but leap year gives it 29. What a bad piece of poetry. "But the idea that you could change it… that's something my grandmother actu- ally did. I remember distinctly her saying, 'We should have 13 months…and the last one should be 'Remember.'" The idea stuck with Coyte for the next 50-or-so years. As we approached the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012, he decided to act on it. The new De- vonian — named for the geologic period fossil hunters at the Falls of the Ohio are so interested in — is to the Gregorian calendar what the metric system is to feet and inches, Coyte says. Every month has 28 days. Equinoxes and solstices, each about a week long, break up the seasons. Coyte tacks leap day onto the winter sol- stice. After all, he says, "You need a longer vacation then anyway." This year, every Monday of every month falls on the first, seventh, 14th, 21st or 28th. Coyte lifts up a big poster board on which he's drawn a quartered circle, solstices and equinox- es at each of the four points. It actually makes a lot of sense. As for the astro- logical mumbo-jumbo, it's not all magical thinking. "The sun signs are astronomical constellations," Coyte says. The names of the months in the new Devonian are there to remind you about the position of the Earth in the cosmos, so don't expect horoscopes in this calendar. Instead, you'll find artworks by a local artist and punny little poems by Coyte. He knows he's not changing the world. "Is this the best possible place for all my energy? Nah," he says. "But it is a good concept. I think it has validity." Happy new Capricorn. — DJ

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