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JAN 2019

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designerbuildersky.com sarinolouisville.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.19 19 Luxurious Kitchens | Expert Craftsmanship | Genuine Customer Service DesignerBuildersKY.com Owned and operated by brothers, Carmelo and Michael Gabriele, Sarino is a family affair. We strive to offer excellent service and Italian cuisine at a moderate price point. 1030 Goss Ave. Louisville, KY | (502) 822-3777 sarinolouisville.com NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY 11-2:30 your sanity. Nobody is impressed by a half-baked cake, no matter how nice it's packaged.'" Just what is Spirit? Well, say we're all radio waves, us humans wobbling around down here at the same frequency, where we can bump into one another. There's higher radio waves than us, Homeister says — spirits. They could be those of the dead. Then there are spirits even higher than that. "You're a spirit, I'm a spirit, we're all…this rug is a spirit," she says. "To me, it's just the omnipresent all." And where does that come from? "I believe God," Homeister says. "Creator." Now's about the time when I could tell you I don't believe in any of this. That most of the information Homeister gives me — "I feel like you're naturally kind of guarded, but you're extremely deep in your relationships" — could apply to anyone, that the specifics — the silver dot over my left eye indicates headaches, or an eye problem, Homeister says, and I push my glasses up my nose — are shots in the dark. But I'm not going to do that. Something about all this appeals to me. Not in a spiritual way, but an aesthetic way. When Homeister tells me the little white spaces in my chakragraph's chest signify emotional wounds, specific memo- ries immediately come to mind. The idea that there's a divine entity out there that led her to that conclusion doesn't work for me. But the idea that our histories live inside our bodies? That seems obvious. And as for "Spirit"? Homeister describes her experience of painting chakragraphs as stepping aside, letting Spirit make suggestions beyond words. Put another way, she describes the mysterious process of making art. What kind of writer would I be if I couldn't relate to that? Maybe what she calls Spirit is just the place that offers me the lines and images in my poems, I tell her. After all, they don't come from me — at least, they don't feel like they come from my conscious self. I ask Homeister about the significance of the fan of gold spreading out from my ear. "I feel like you're listening to Spirit," she says. "You're listening to direction." — Dylon Jones

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