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JAN 2019

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liveinlou.com 10 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.19 INTER-OFFICE MEMO What skill have you always wanted to learn? Welding. Because I need another expensive hobby. Jenny Kiefer Associate writer The skill of dunking a basketball on a regulation 10-foot goal. I've often dreamt of flying high and casually slamming it home. (In my sleep, I can leave the ground for 10 or 12 seconds at a time, landing as softly as a kitten.) Back in high school, a group of us played games in the summer on an outdoor kids' court with eight- and-a-half-foot baskets, and I was quite the dunker, especially driving diagonally across the lane for left-handed slams. At 5'11" (I may have shrunk an inch since) I could just barely reach one of those little orange curlicues that hook the string loops on a regulation goal. But had I spent hours and months and years building up my thighs and calves and feet (and grown longer legs and arms), the effort might have been rewarded. Look at Welch, way above the rim! Jack Welch Copy editor Anything involving home improvement, I'm useless. And therefore I end up paying people way too much money to do things I could probably fix with a little time and skill. Also, one of these days I want to master a perfect lattice pie crust. Anne Marshall Senior writer I wish I could read Rimbaud in French. I also wish I had even a thimble's worth of talent for photography, but alas. Dylon Jones Web editor How to sew. I always have delusions of grandeur about becoming a famous fashion

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