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bestparksever.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 12.18 23 Seven-year-old Freya sits on a couch in the peacock-blue lobby area of Twisted Images. She isn't so ready. Freya got the dots marked on her ears but then re- treated, waving Madelyn in for her turn. Willmore purposely sets aside Saturday afternoons for kids so that adults wanting piercings aren't held up as youngsters (almost always girls) debate holes in their bodies. Willmore schedules a girl every 15 minutes. And on busy Saturdays, girls parade in and out, plucking candy from a glass bowl post-piercing. "Two pieces for two ears," Willmore says. For parents, ear-piercing here is a lot di‚erent than what they remember. Mainly, there's not that piercing gun na- tive to shopping malls. Willmore says the gun can cause unnecessary tissue damage and isn't as sanitary. Plus, she says, her method is quicker. Both ears at one time. (†at's how Willmore and Bunny pierce nipples, too. "It's tandem," Willmore says, "just a more adult version.") Freya watches Madelyn leave, a grin from earring to earring. Willmore sits down beside her, whispers some sort of magic. Freya hops onto the table, brown eyes frozen open and wide as the horizon. She grips her mom's hands while holding a stu‚ed elephant named Ellie. Her fa- ther plays a cartoon on NetŒix. Willmore takes the left side, Bunny the right. "OK," Willmore instructs, "practice breath." Freya blows in and out, a stern focus to her face. "You want another practice breath?" Willmore asks. "Yes." Inhale. Exhale. "OK, deep breath in. Hold." It took about an hour of convincing, but here is Freya, gusting into her moth- er's face as needles thread pink gems into her ears. "You're done. You have earrings," Willmore reports. Not one tear. Freya's seriousness lifts to a full smile. Bunny begins to chant: "One of us! One of us! One of us!" THE BIT CALL 502.625.0100 or go to louisville.com/subscriptions The best read on the city. NOVEMBER 2018 $4.70 SUPER KIDS VOL. 7 + SO. MANY. SCHOOL LISTINGS. SUPER KID ATONIA PARKS Subscribe Now $22/year

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