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62 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.18 Arianna Sipes Age 9, fifth grade, King Elementary This is how Arianna ended up at King: She and her mother were driving to Indianapolis for a cheer competition when she looked at her mom and said, "We need to have a discussion. I'm not being challenged enough. I need you to find the high school that I need to go to and the middle school that feeds into that and the elementary school that feeds into that school." She has since skipped fourth grade. How'd you get on the quick recall team? "The coach of the team personally asked me. I didn't even know about the team, because it was my first year at King, but he asked me to join and I got permis- sion and I liked it! I've been told I'm very intelligent." You've read the entire Harry Potter series. "The Half-Blood Prince is my favorite. It's an intriguing part of the series. It's putting all the stuff you read in the first five books together so that it can all just explode into pieces in the next book. It's putting it together to be pushed apart again." What makes someone smart? "I think what makes someone smart is having a good attention span. Being able to focus. I understand things very well, so it's very easy for me." Do you have a favorite subject in school? "Well, probably"— (looking at something on the wall) —"why does that look like a bunny holding a marshmallow on a stick?" You sure about focus? "OK, I may not be the best at focus." What's on your bucket list? "When I'm old enough, I want to enroll in the Doctors Without Borders with my mom. I'm going to go to med school and become a doctor. I either want to be a heart surgeon or brain surgeon." What's it like working together as a brother-sister duo? Sophia: "It gives us a leg up, I think. It's like we know each other a lot better than some other partners because we grew up together. But sometimes we do fight." How'd you get into this? Sophia: "My mom was a speed skater in Russia when she was a kid, so she started us off young." Do you have any rituals before competition? Sophia: "I'll listen to music while I do my makeup and hair and it really calms me. Right now, I like Charlie Scott and Kanye West a lot. You're like, 'I can't do this,' then afterward it's like, 'I don't even know what happened.'" Christopher: "It's a blur." What do you skate to? Christopher: "One is a rhythm dance. Every year it's a different set dance, and this year it's a tango. So we're skating to 'Tango Classico.' This year for 'free dance' we danced to a song called 'Halo.' It's kind of like a more classi- cal dance." So not the Beyoncé song? Chris- topher: "No, no." Sophia: "We have three pieces that merge into one as the tango dance. In the beginning, it's playful, so we smile more. As it goes on, my expression goes more dramatic." Christopher: "The hard part is creating the dramatic expres- sion on the ice. It's all about how you portray the character. How do you get a 5.69 GPA? Christopher: "Time management. It's everything." Christopher & Sophia Elder Christopher: age 17, 12th grade, Trinity High; and Sophia: age 15, 12th grade, Sacred Heart Academy This brother-sister duo have been ice-skating since they were kids and recently returned from a Junior Grand Prix competition in the Czech Republic after being selected by the U.S. Figure Skating International Committee to compete. They practice two hours a day, five days a week, plus work out three times a week. Chris maintains a weighted 5.69 GPA at Trinity. At Sacred Heart, Sophia is an Angela Merici Scholar and is enrolled in all honors classes and accelerated math.

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