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NOV 2018

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56 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.18 Larkin Nickle Age 17, 12th grade, Walden School Larkin is a vintage-computer enthusiast who disassembled and reassembled a computer when he was five years old. Last summer, he had an internship with a cybersecurity firm in Santa Barbara, California, and he still works for them remotely. He also scuba dives and ballroom dances. Are we secure on the Internet? "I think there's a big violation of privacy happening right now. Facebook and Google — they collect a lot of data on you that I don't think is very morally correct. I was looking at my Gmail the other day, and I had been talking to someone on Craigslist trying to buy something, and they hadn't responded to me, and Gmail said, 'They haven't responded. Should you follow back?' I was like: You wouldn't know that unless you parsed the email. It's almost like 1984 in a way." How'd this love of technology come about? "One of my earliest memories — I was at my dad's office and he had a lot of computer terminals. He handed me a PalmPilot one day, those old PDAs (personal digital assistants). I was probably like four or so. I remember taking it home and playing with it constantly, trying to figure out what all I could do with it." And you took apart a laptop at age five? "I was like, 'Can I take this apart?' to my dad. The rea- son I remember it is because he said, 'OK, but if you can't put it back together, I'm not going to help you. You have to do it.' He came home and I'd taken it apart and put it back together and it was working. He was like, 'That's freaky.' "Now I have a big cabinet full of parts. Some of it we had to put downstairs, because there's so much stuff — Apple stuff, old PC stuff, server stuff, workstations from IBM. That's pretty much where most, if not all, of my money goes — to computers."

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