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OCT 2018

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nuyale.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.18 13 An agent in sports or in Hol- lywood. I get really aggressive when I'm fighting for other people. Mandy Wood Advertising account executive Personal trainer or health coach. I enjoy creating workouts and nutrition plans to help people achieve their goals and become happier. Dahlen Mitzali Editorial intern I'm not one of those people who watches sports and loudly proclaims, "Even I could do that!" when someone messes up a play, but…sometimes while watching the Cubs, I can't help but think I might make a pretty good manager. I mean, come on, how is it a good idea to let your best relief pitcher come up to bat in the top of the 10th inning with the bases loaded, one out and a one-run lead in what has been a very tight, dramatic game? Spoil- er alert: He hit into a double play and hurt himself running to first base. Love ya, Joe, but I just don't get that move. Alexandra Winters Assistant web editor I've always thought I would be working with animals in some way, and I suppose I do as a pho- tographer. I also have seen myself as a florist, pilot or person who comes up with clever sayings for marketing campaigns. A dream job would be making wild music videos with endless budgets. Mickie Winters Photographer Writing and directing films. I made a lot of home movies as a kid (shout-out to my sister, Kristi, for starring in every one) and took some screenwriting classes in college. I grew up in a country town with a lot of substance abuse, and I love gritty, rural films that explore real-life issues like drugs, love and mental illness. I have three or four movies I've been writing (mostly in my head) over the years. One loose plot is about a young, successful woman who decides to move back to her small town to take care of her mother with dementia. Katie Molck Contributing writer I'm glad I married a nice guy. I love being a mom. BUT: I think I could've been a great nun. Not the cloistered, habit-wearing variety, but the social-justice type who commits to hard, meaningful work. Exhibit A: I've always liked attending church. Even as a teenager! When I got my driver's license, I drove myself to Sunday mass, long after the rest of the family had vacated the pews un- less it was Christmas or Easter. Exhibit B: Rooming with a bunch of well-read spiritual women who want to make the world a more equitable, loving place sounds like mighty fine living to me, especially in this day and age. Exhibit C: I come equipped with loads of guilt and humility. Exhibit D: I daydreamed about the convent so much that one of my best friends in middle school made me a "Sister Anne" T-shirt with puffy paint. Anne Marshall Senior writer

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