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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.18 99 tuition — $129 per four-week class, with a few discounts available — also goes to Blessings in a Backpack. When the meat smells mouthwatering and the cheese begins to bubble, Froman brings out wonton wrappers and shows the kids how to fold them. Tonight's class is one of several that are testing recipes for the kids' menu at Gospel Bird across the street, rating each dish to decide what makes the cut. ey're shooting for creative twists on kids'-menu staples. Tonight's wontons — some cheeseburger, some mac 'n' cheese — are both winners, but accord- ing to the show of raised hands after the taste test, the mac 'n' cheese is the star. When it's time to clean up, the kids practically climb over one another to get to the sink of dishes first, like Tom Sawyer's peers racing to paint his fence. It's part of ensuring that students learn every step of the cooking process, from cutting veggies (young ones use special plastic knives) to drying plates. And Mesa Kids culinary director Liz Martino says they learn more than just cooking. "ey're not only learning a life skill, but time management. Each recipe is a math problem and a science experiment. ey're learning other languages — French and Italian terms," she says. It's also a great way to get kids to try new things. Martino's own son was on the mac 'n' cheese team tonight. "He eats peanut butter all the time, and that's about it," Martino says, "but he comes into this class, and everything he makes, he tries." Opposite page: A Mexican meal cooked up by the kid chefs.

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