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40 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.18 THE BIT in the Hemp Farm Act section of the 2018 Farm Bill, which Miller expects will pass by the end of September. "You just never know what local law enforce- ment will do," Miller says. "Many peo- ple don't know the difference between hemp and marijuana." Hardesty says he's waiting for the CBD craze to pass. "As an herbalist, I'm like, 'I got 300 herbs, some of which are better than this one, and this one's gonna get all the credit,'" he says. He describes himself as a "medical prag- matist." e base of his practice is in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic plant medicines. Treat the person, not the disease, he says. As a physician assistant, he can prescribe drugs like Lexapro for depression and order lab tests and ultrasounds. He tries to see the positive in CBD, too, saying it could be "the gateway drug for perhaps introducing people to…'Oh, my gosh, there's all these other herbs that we could be using.' "e reason these herbs aren't part of the pharmacopeia anymore isn't because they don't work," he says. "It's the fact that you can't patent them." Jeff Amrein, who operates the hemp extract company Extract Wellness here in Louisville, mentions that aspirin comes from the bark of a willow tree, penicillin from mold. "e two best medicines are hidden in nature," he says. Hardesty doesn't sell CBD or any form of cannabis to his patients β€” not yet, at least β€” but he's been trying dif- ferent brands himself to see what effects he notices. "I can say that CBD is go- ing to be great for someone with social anxiety, the person that's just so anxious and nervous all the time," he says. I explain to him how, after I took CBD one day and tried to clean my house, I couldn't reach my usual com- pulsive state to knock out the vacu- uming and scrubbing. But sometimes that's desirable, he says β€” within each patient, CBD may be better for certain instances. e whole reason I started using it was for cramps, I tell him. "Oh, I've got cramp bark for that," he says. For advertising information, call 625-0100 or email advertising@loumag.com PUBLISHING SEPTEMBER 2018

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