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nanzkraft.com sarinolouisville,.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.18 17 Owned and operated by brothers, Carmelo and Michael Gabriele, Sarino is a family affair. We strive to offer excellent service and Italian cuisine at a moderate price point. 1030 Goss Ave. Louisville, KY | (502) 822-3777 sarinolouisville.com I ruptured a tendon in my big toe going down stairs and my foot swelled up. A cortisone shot only made the injury worse. I was told to ice my foot regularly, so I did…to the point that I gave myself frostbite. I got stuck in one of those walking casts, and when I came out of it my gait had altered in such a way that I put too much pressure on the outside of my foot, which led to a "bone bruise." With all strength lost in my big toe, I could not stand on the ball of my foot at all. (As an avid runner, six months without lacing up was torture.) To this day, sometimes I rise up on my right foot, onto my toes, just to make sure that big toe isn't getting lazy on me. Anne Marshall Senior writer I was rushing because I was running late for my appointment with a rhinoceros having a pedicure — no kidding — and fell down the stairs and broke my left ankle and left foot. I screamed bloody murder, and the guy fixing the plaster in our living room at the time asked, "Are you OK?" This struck me as funny, so I eventually stopped screaming. Jenni Laidman Writer at large I fell from the monkey bars in second grade and broke my arm. My parents had to drive me to two separate hospitals because the first did not have a pediatric surgeon. I was unmedicated in the backseat of my dad's two-door Mercury Cougar while we navigated stop-and-go Atlanta traffic and my humerus attempted to exit my body through my skin. Michelle Eigenheer Contributing writer Other than giving birth to five kids? I was so excited for my 10th-birthday party that I did a Russian dance in front of a hallway mirror, which, unfortunately, had a small coffee table in front of it. I split open my shin, down to the bone, and my dad, who was a doctor, had to come home on his lunch break to stitch me up. My mother, a nurse, pinned me down in the living room. Eight shots of numbing medicine, 25 stitches to reattach the flap of skin. We still had the party. Michelle Roeder Louisville Tickets

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