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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 97 This guide to area colleges includes information on many of the four- year undergraduate colleges and universities within a 200-mile radius of Louisville, as well as listings of some local technical and community colleges. Tuition and room/board are annual amounts. (In) refers to in-state tuition, (Out) to out-of-state tuition. Applied, Admitted, Enrolled: Number of applicants, number admitted and number that enrolled in the most recent freshman class. Average H.S. GPA: Average grade- point average of incoming freshmen. ACT and SAT: The range of the middle 50 percent of scores of students accepted for the most recent freshman class. If only one score is given, that is the average score of incoming freshmen. (R) stands for critical reading, (M) for mathematics and (W) for writing. Undergraduates: Number of full- time undergraduate students enrolled at the school's main campus. Earn bachelor's degree: Percentage of enrolled freshmen who, on average, complete a bachelor's degree. Out-of-state students: Percentage of out-of-state resident students. Non-white: Percentage of non-white students. Receive aid: Percentage of students who receive institutional financial aid. Live off-campus and Greek: Percentage of students who live off- campus and percentage of students who are members of fraternities or sororities. Top majors: The most popular majors at that school. For Technical/Community Colleges: Job Placement, Career Advising, On-site Tutoring, Evening Courses and Weekend Courses: A "Yes" or "No" indicates whether the school provides these services to students. Alice Lloyd College (Private) Pippa Passes, K Y (606) 368-6134 alc.edu Tuition $9,600 Room/Board $6,240 Annual Student Fees $1,950 Applied 6,337 Admitted 1,406 Enrolled 168 Avg H S GPA 3 598 ACT 21 57 SAT (V) 500, (M) 520 (W) 500 Undergraduates 563 (M: 258, W: 310) Earn Bachelor's degree 33 52% Out-of-State Students 20% Non-white 4% Receive Aid 90% Avg Aid Package $9,600 Live off-campus 19% Top Majors: Biology, Education, Business, History, Sports & Fitness Management Last Updated: 9/16 Anderson University (Private, Christian; Church of God) Anderson, IN (800) 428-6414 anderson.edu Tuition $27,520 Room/Board $9,380 Annual Student Fees n/a Applied 2,734 Admitted 1,516 Enrolled 515 Avg H S GPA 3 4 ACT 21-25 SAT (V) 470-570, (M) 470-570 Undergraduates 2,016 (M: 805, W: 1,211) Earn Bachelor's degree 57% Out-of-State Students 30% Non-white 14% Receive Aid 98% Avg Aid Package $27,700 Live off-campus 38% Top Majors: Education, Communication, Nursing, Music, Business Last Updated: 10/15 Asbury University (Private, Non-Denominational) Wilmore, K Y (859) 858-3511 asbury.edu Tuition $28,433 Room/Board $6,748 Annual Student Fees $198 Applied 1,461 Admitted 983 Enrolled 353 Avg H S GPA 3 7 ACT 19-26 SAT (V) 945, (M) 1210 Undergraduates 1,207 (M: 489, W: 718) Earn Bachelor's degree 63% Out-of-State Students 48% Non-white 16% Receive Aid 98% Avg Aid Package $22,00 Live off-campus 14% Greek (M) 0%, (W) 0% Top Majors: Media Communication, Equine Studies, Education, Business, Psychology Last Updated: 9/16 C o ll e L i s t i n C o l l e L i s t i n

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