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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 65 PUBLIC SCHOOLS The data in the tables that follow is compiled by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and local public school districts. Data is for the 2015-16 school year unless otherwise noted. Here are definitions of the statistical categories included in the tables: Capacity: The maximum number of students a school is designed to serve, according to its academic programs. Enrollment: The average daily student attendance at a school. Spending/Student: The amount spent per student by the school district at each school. Student/Teacher Ratio: A school's enrollment divided by its number of teachers. % in Advance Program: The percentage of a school's students who participate in the Advance Program. Schools with no percentage given do not offer advance programs. Achievement Scores and Percentile: Rank The achievement scores are the sum of each school's average test scores in reading, math, science, social studies, writing and language mechanics. 100 is the highest possible score. Classification: Each school is assigned a classification of Needs Improvement (N.I.), Proficient (Prof.) or Distinguished (Dist.), based on its test scores and other factors. A school is given a designation of "Progressing" (Prog.) if it is meeting annual goals in achievement gains and other academic criteria. Free/Reduced Lunch %: The percentage of students who receive free or reduced-price school lunches, based on federal family-income guidelines. A higher number indicates that a school serves a greater percentage of low- income students. % Non-White: The percentage of a school's students whose ethnicity is defined as African- American, Asian-American, Native American or Other. Suspensions: The number of disciplinary suspensions issued during the school year at a particular school. Disciplinary suspensions are based on the JCPS Student Code of Conduct. ACT, SAT Scores (high schools only): Kentucky high school students are required to take the ACT college-entrance exams. The ACT score listed for each school is the average composite score for all students at that school for the most recent graduating class. If SAT scores are given for an individual school, the preceding column gives percentage of the 2015 graduating class that took the SAT tests. SAT scores are the combined scores for the reading and math components. % to College (high schools only): Percentage of the 2015 graduating class that attended two- or four-year colleges. Other notes: Anchorage Independent School District information can be found on page 76. Bullitt and Oldham County public schools data can be found on pages 74-77. A "–" in a data field means that the information is not available or was not provided. For more information on KDE data and definitions, go to applications.education. ky.gov/SRC. S c h o o l L i s t i n S c h o o l L i s t i n

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