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NOV 2016

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 61 AVERY HANLON 8, third grade, Bloom Elementary Avery has begun coding and programming his own website. He often assists with technology in the classroom. Can you tell me about your coding? "I just do Scratch coding. Scratch is a website. It's basically like basic coding. I'm still working on the advanced stuff. I've been doing HTML, but just the basics. I haven't been doing Java." What do you want to do when you grow up? "Probably work for Bill Gates, obviously." Who would win between Bill Gates and Tim Cook? "Honestly, Apple would obviously win because they have way more phones, way more revenue, stuff like that. But the durability of Windows is better. I see why Windows or Microsoft could win, but they've got a lot of viruses. So I think Apple would win." How did you get started with coding? "That's a long story. I just decided, 'Oh, hey. I want to make a website.' Then I just found all these cheap things that didn't cost anything. But I just couldn't figure out how to use the editors. So I thought, 'How about I code it?' And then that's how I started coding." What makes someone smart? "Probably all this weird psychic stuff. Or maybe something different. I don't know." LOUI CHANG 18, senior, Trinity High School After moving to Louisville from South Korea as a freshman, Loui spoke little English. Now he takes classes in the advanced program, including four AP classes. He feels most comfortable onstage, where he plays the leading roles in theater productions. What are some theater performances you've done? "Last year, we did the play called The Miser, written by Molière. I was La Flèche in that play, and I think that was so far the best role that I got. It's a very clownish character." Do you have a favorite play or musical? "Musical — right now I'd have to say Sweeney Todd. I like Stephen Sondheim musicals in general." What are your thoughts on Hamilton? "I'll have to be honest with you: I don't like rap music in general." Any other hobbies? "I do write a lot of music. Right now, I'm writing music for one of my friends. He made a film, and asked me to write the songs for his original soundtrack." Will you do something with music as a career? "Not really. Right now, I'm planning to be a psychiatrist, because I'm also interested in psychology."

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