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eyecareinstitute.comn kysciencecenter.org LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 23 A couple miles south on Bardstown Road, in a strip mall in Fern Creek — just past a church with a sign that reads "Jesus and this church are not politically correct" — stands the unofficial Donald Trump head- quarters in Louisville. Unofficial because Jeff Klusmeier, an insurance salesman and longtime Republican activist, has spent $6,000 of his own money for the "Young Professionals for Trump" office that opened in August. The idea came "after a few shots of bourbon," he says. "I thought: You know what would be cool? If we started a Trump office." The friendly 47-year-old is compact and packs a mighty energy. (During a slow hour at the campaign office, I get a lively tutorial on a fail-proof way to grab television news airtime with something called the TIP CUP method — timeli- ness, impact, prominence, controversy, uniqueness, proximity.) When the phone rings, Klusmeier hops up. Mostly, calls come from people wanting Trump gear. One such call comes from the Indiana Re- publican Party in Floyd County. "They're having a harvest homecoming and have no Trump stuff," he says. Klusmeier, who also has a printing business, says printing and selling swag — signs, shirts, bumper stickers — helps cover the office's utilities and rent. Klusmeier believes Trump can create jobs and reverse what he sees as a hy- per-politically-correct grip on America. "If I offend you, I'm going to be punished? That's totalitarianism. And what's a microaggression?" he says. A middle-aged couple in matching white Nikes come in to buy two signs, $5 each. Klusmeier hands them his business card. "You do commercial (insurance)?" the wife asks. "Yeah, we do commercial," Klusmeier replies. "We kill it." The couple shares with Klusmeier that they are former Democrats. "If (Trump) wins, it's going to be in spite of all this press," the wife says. "They just beat him up," her husband chimes in. "The media does it so much it's, like, losing its effect," Klusmeier says. "He called her 'Miss Piggy.' So what?" As they leave, Klusmeier smiles. He says what he likes about this gig is con- necting with good people. After Election Day, Klusmeier will head south for a long Florida vacation. On election night, if Trump wins, he says he'll get a mohawk and do wheelies in the campaign office on his motorcycle. If it goes the other way? "Probably just cry in my beer," he says.

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