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14 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 THE BIT HAIKU REVIEW CITY IN A SENTENCE OVERHEARD Plus 8 More Earliest childhood memory? "Playing old maid and interviewing people with my dad's old microphone." When/where are you most creaঞve? "At work. And when I get a few minutes to scrapbook." How'd you make your first dollar? "Stuffing envelopes for a knife company." If you could be mayor for a day, what would you do? "Go to high-crime and high- poverty areas and spend the day talking with people." Your most noঞceable quirk? "When I start talking fast." Who's somebody doing big things in Louisville under the radar? "There is a young rapper in the city who is 15 years old with a powerful message of peace. I will feature his story soon on the air. I think he could be a real game- changer." Besides your current job, what's the best job you've ever had? "Being a cheerleading coach." Favorite possession? "A suit my mom bought me years ago that is about four sizes too small now. It was expensive, and she bought it for me because she knew how much I loved it. I will always keep it and remember she gave it to me because she loved me." What's on your nightstand? "There's always a book, hair products and a toy one of my kids left behind." What are you wearing right now? "A work dress. I wish I had on pajama pants." What's on your credit- card statement? "Believe it or not, I don't have a credit card." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "The fish and chips at the Irish Rover." What/who makes you laugh? "My husband has been making me laugh since we were kids. Still the funniest person I know." Favorite Kentucky Derby winner? "Animal Kingdom was never mentioned once during all the Derby coverage and he came out of nowhere. I also Murphy, 39, is a news anchor on WHAS-11. In the wake of a Butler High School dress code that some found discriminatory (see page 134), Murphy tweeted this photo of herself and aired a piece about her thoughts on natural hair. "As many of you know, I wear a wig or a weave — really depends on the day," Murphy said on the news. "I do have a big afro, but it's currently braided up. I thought about coming to work several times with it out but have always decided against it. "What would you think if you saw me on camera on the news with an afro? Would it take away from my journalistic integrity? Would it distract from my storytelling? Would you think of me differently?" Renee Murphy Your drink? "Crystal Light." First thing on your bucket list? "Visit Seychelles." Do you believe in ghosts? "Not ghosts but signs." Last thing you bought online? "CrossFit shoes." Least- favorite word? "I can't say it." Have any taoos? "I plead the Fifth." Whiskey Rebellion Jim Beam workers strike to improve work-life balance. Now, who needs a drink? This year, November is still football season. "We're going to have to suck it up, and we're going to have to adjust." — retiring councilman Tom Owen in a WFPL story, responding to Highlands residents' concerns about traffic congestion resulting from repairs to a major water pipe on Eastern Parkway

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