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NOV 2016

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130 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 OVERVIEW Guy Fieri's Smokehouse Fourth Street Live! THE MEAL: Trash Can brisket nachos Barbecue bánh mì Bacon mac 'n' cheese burger with fries Roasted Brussels sprouts with smoked sweet potatoes THE PARTY: Mary Chellis Austin, deputy editor Dylon Jones, senior editor Alexandra Winters, editorial assistant Mickie Winters, photographer "The fire is really fun to look at." — MW "They have an actual smoker. That's what smells good." — MCA "A lot of beautiful girls with a lot of makeup serving you meat. I feel like there should be a motorcycle or a car somewhere in here." — MW "Or a booth that's just the backseat of a Chevy." — DJ "When he came to town he had his shiny red Camaro out front. I shook his hand and he was the same high-energy dude you see on TV." — MCA "This burger meat is well-seasoned and has that smoked flavor. I think it's a really good burger. If this were a different setting, like if it were a local chef and was in a different spot…" — MCA "…then everybody would be into it." — DJ "Guy Fieri is very much into bacon and cheese. I don't think vegetables are his thing." — MCA "He's going to have a heart attack." — MW "Look at that picture of the tongue." — MW "Is that his tongue?" — MCA "That can't be real." — AW "Guy's Hangover Recovery Barbecue Bloody. Tatted-Up Turkey Burger. So what sounds good?" — MCA "Here come the Trash Can Nachos. Oh, my God, look at the pool of cheese coming out of the bottom." — MCA "Wow. OK. This is not what I expected at all. That looks awesome." — DJ "You need to get a bite with everything." — MCA "That seems like a challenge." — DJ "We should put those in the very center so we can all just eat them." — AW "The tower is totally for show. It looked like it was all just chips but when you dig into it everything falls out. It's all condensed in the middle. When it's mushed up like that, you're just making the nachos soggier faster. I don't know if the presentation is worth it." — DJ "What's Donkey Sauce?" — MW

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