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NOV 2016

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brazeiros.com 8 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 INTER-OFFICE MEMO Hot western civ teacher. I would come in early every day and attempt witty banter that most certainly failed. He proposed to the French teacher halfway through the year. Still pretty bummed about that. Leah Blair Editorial intern Does it count if it's myself? I was the stereotypical shy nerd girl — and on top of that I was home-schooled. I preferred writing fantasy "books" and spending time with my horses to being social. Alexandra Winters Editorial assistant I would venture that practically my whole small-town New England high school could have been cast in a cliché teen movie. There was the hot teacher who was having an affair with the hot principal — until his wife found out. There was the prom queen who was also the mean girl and played dumb, even though she wasn't really. There was the resident nerd/stoner/juvenile delinquent who stole Porsches and (allegedly) buried them in the woods. When he was caught, he reportedly said, "Well, you haven't found them all yet." There was the brilliant debate team, one half of which was the only African-American who actually lived in the town. We were very precocious. Julie Crutcher Business director There was a lanky, bespectacled guy in my high school who wore combat boots and a near floor-length black coat, even on hot days. His limp, muddy hair was always in a ponytail and for a while, he wore a waffle — an actual edible waffle — around his neck. If you gave him a quarter he'd run as hard as he could into a wall. He could have been the weirdo in any teen movie. Rachael Sinclair Contributing artist Rich the custodian haunted my middle school years. He apparently had no feeling in one of his hands. Upon spotting a cluster of kids that might not be paying attention to their surroundings, Rich would spank these Who from your high school could have been cast in a cliché teen movie?

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