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88 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.16 Sarah Case Pet: Little Man (schnauzer) Artist: Lucky at Tattoo Charlie's (7904 Preston Hwy.) "I found Little Man in 2011. He was a stray. I thought he was 18 because he looked so bad. About three years later, we found that he had a tumor. I raised about $10,000 so we could do the surgery, and they told us he probably had two weeks to live after (the surgery) because the cancer had already spread. I saw a holistic vet here in Louisville and Little Man made it about four more months. During that time, we kind of changed his name from Little Man to Superman because he was so strong, which is why there's the Superman emblem behind his picture. For the tattoo, I brought in a picture of Little Man in his sunglasses. It took probably 11 hours. It was painful, but the whole time I was just thinking about what he went through and it kept me going. I say, 'He'll walk with me forever because he's on my leg.'" Cassandra Hope Pet: Allie (poodle) Artist: Amber Bananafish at Bananafish Tattoo Parlor (502 State St., New Albany) "A big bunch of storms came through. Right afterward, they found Allie on the side of the road. My grandmother fell in love and brought her home. When my grandpa passed away and then my grandma, I took Allie in. I called her Poodle or Pig, all those kinds of nicknames. "I think my mom was a little worried about this tattoo, that my body would become a reminder of sad things. I do have so many tattoos that are in remembrance of people or things. My body is kind of my scrapbook. There's just certain things I want to have with me all the time. For me, it's more like a happy reminder. I just wanted to remember the grumpy old lady Poodle." Maureen Keenan Pet: Paisley (Boxer) Artist: Travis King at Prophecy Ink (907 Baxter Ave.) "I run (the dog welfare group) Saving Sunny, so it's a lot of intense highs and lows. For me, the dog experience is so fundamental to who I am. And some of the things I've been through with them just run so deep and are so emotional that I can't think of another way to honor them and communicate it. I had a couple of friends who'd had Travis do human portraits of their kids, and (his work) just blew me away. It's so realistic; you would know these dogs if you saw them on the street. In the photograph, Paisley was extending a paw to the camera. Paisley passed away a couple years ago, but she was just the most excellent dog." Cecilia Nichols, apprentice at Acme Ink (2007 Bonnycastle Ave.) Pet: Kubrick (pit bull mix) Artist: Sean Barry in Philadelphia "It is a redesign of a classic you see repeated from the 1940s. Normally, it's a pig that's underneath, originally by Sailor Jerry. Kubrick's first home had abused him and sent him to the shelter wanting to get him euthanized, saying he was vicious. His second owners had him chained to a car for two years, and the city actually had to take this lady to court to get her to give up the dog. Seeing the dog he is now, it's just wonderful."

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