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A BIT CLOSER Little Devil Aka the creepiest animal in Kentucky. By Jenny Kiefer Photo by Terrence Humphery "We think they've just been here forever. Who knows, a million years?" says Blake Newton, who works in UK's entomology department. He's talking about the only scorpion native to Kentucky, mostly found in southern and eastern counties: the Southern Devil Scorpion. Adults are the size of the space between the knuckles on your finger. Babies, soft and fragile and smaller than a fingernail, ride on Mom's back. During the day they crawl under rocks and leaves. At night they wait on a trail to capture a meal: ants, crickets, beetles. If you're hunting for Southern Devils, this is the best time to find them — they glow under a black light. "(Those who have been stung) say it just hurts really bad, a little worse than a wasp or a bee, and the pain lasts for a while — maybe even up to a day," Newton says. These Southern Devils are actually quite docile, more likely to run away than attack. "But if you get them cornered, or press down on them, or accidentally grab them," Newton says, "that's when they're gonna sting you."

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