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BOARD BACK Pig Pal To hear John Garner tell it, a pet pig is even more stubborn than a beagle: She'll do what she wants, never mind obedience training. She'll root up carpet with her snout, which is like hard cartilage. She'll eat anything she can find — dinner scraps, weeds, whatever's growing in the garden. At the Flea Off Market, she's even eaten pork off the ground. "Food comes before anything else," Garner says. "Life or death, she would choose food over me." Scout, his two-year-old Juliana pig, has been stealing tomatoes from the neighbor's garden in Georgetown, Indiana. When caught with tomato pulp in her mouth, she tries to run away but gets tangled in the netting surrounding the crop and squeals. "It sounds like you're slaughtering her," Garner says. A gift from his ex, Scout was small enough to pick up with one hand when she was adopted from a farm in Bardstown. "I would always joke about wanting a pig and never thought that I'd be responsible enough to have one. But then he gave me one," Garner says. Now she's 25 pounds, the size of a medium dog. She grows a coarse mane that stands like a mohawk when she's annoyed. She grunts when she's happy, usually when snuggling or getting belly scratches. "It's definitely not for everyone. It takes a lot of patience," Garner says. "They're not always going to stay small and cute. You've got to be willing to love it when it's a little ugly and bigger." — Jenny Kiefer Photo by Chris Witzke

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