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98 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.16 ARTS PLAYLIST WHAT'S IN A NAME? "Belly of the Snake," Cereal Glyphs "Wait, we're in the belly of the snake. They want to see what you can take. Around here things just stay the same. The things that hold us make us sane." "Cool Dino Coat," Howell Dawdy "And I love a day where you just stay in bed and count all the things you could also be doing — like jogging around with other people on a track or taking that stack of library books back. Instead I drew a weird face on this old phone jack and made this really cool dinosaur coat with furry spines up the back." "Goose;)," BRENDA "What do you get when you give the goose a chip? You can't take it back. You're feeling sorry now." "Dead Cats," Small Time Napoleon "Dead cats in the elevator, 16 flat. I told ya I loved ya, but I'm taking it back." "Sting of the Wasp," Graffiti "We'll meet face to face one day. Like the sting of the wasp is you." "Dog Song," Twin Limb "If you don't feed the dog it will die." Six local songs that mention animals Oso Goods 709 E. Market St. When Peter Tower and his wife Emily decided to make children's clothing, Tower says, "We wanted something that had a mascot rather than just a name." Tower is from California and always liked the bear on the state flag. "My wife saw it and thought we should consider it," he says. They chose oso — the Spanish word for bear — to show kids another language. (They read dual-language books to their 21-month-old daughter.) "It's a fun, simple, playful word," Tower says. Hound Dog Press 1000 Barret Ave. "I wish I had a better story. I had this goofy, stubborn hound dog and I thought it was a good Kentucky name, a country name," co-owner Nick Baute says. Copper, the original hound dog, has since passed, but the store just got a new addition — a basset hound puppy named Daisy. Squallis Puppeteers 1228 E. Breckenridge St. A Squalus pup is a baby shark — the puppeteers took artistic liberty with the spelling when they started 20 years ago. "When we named our company, we were young and thought we had the potential to be fierce. We're claiming we're not the average puppet troupe," executive director and co-founder Nora Christensen says. Fat Rabbit 1000 E. Oak St. "I had a Flemish Giant rabbit named Ladja — Slovenian for ship — who was very sweet and very big," says owner Jeff Komara. "She unfortunately had to be put down due to disease. I also developed an allergy to rabbits over the years, which was a huge bummer because I love them so much; it's the only thing I'm allergic to. Around the time she died is when I was getting my ducks in a row to get the store up and running. I named it Fat Rabbit for her." Gubbey Records "When I was a child, I had this wooded backyard and there were hundreds of squirrels. We had one that was rather special," owner Dave Rucinski says. "He was a bit off-kilter and had a peculiar way of walking and moving; I'm not sure if he was deformed or injured at a young age. He was also less skittish than the others. I would feed him on a pretty regular basis, and then one day he came up and took the food right out of my hand and we kind of had a really great bond going forward. He turned me into a true squirrel lover. I thought it would be perfect for our logo as a reminder to ourselves and others to always try to champion the outsider, to welcome those who are just a bit off-kilter."

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